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Speed up your kinetics measurement with  KNX2

Practical Sample Prep Steps

Very quick sample preparation and flushing steps on SPR sensor using the manual bypass port before switching to sample loop injection for characterizing biokinetics interactions. Minimal time spent on pump setup.

Faster Measurement Cycle

Perform washing steps with quick manual injection at any point during a run cycle. Fast and convenient way to go to the next experiment cycle. 

True Reference Data

Dual-channel operation with two independent pumps means achieving true dynamic reference channel subtraction in kinetics measurement or measuring two sample types at once.

Quad Inlet Model
  • Simultaneous comparison of four different samples at once.  

  • Fewer chip consumable usage.

  • 2 independent loop injection channels

  • Single or dual channel configuration

  • Semi-automatic sample loading

  • Manual injection bypass mode for quick testing

  • 5 – 150 µL/min flow rate

  • 100 µL injection volume

  • Dimensions: 381 x 318 x 127 mm

  • Weight:  < 5 kg with two channels 

  • ezControl graphic user interface 

  • Output data compatible with TraceDrawer™


With P4SPR, we were able to establish optimal immobilization conditions of SARS-CoV-2 spike and nucleocapsid within 2-3 SPR runs. Having the device at our bench also really helped comparing our SPR results against ELISA. 

- Abdelhadi, M.Sc., Research Assistant, Université de Montréal

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