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Real-time monitoring and characterization of biomolecular interactions


Biosensing implicates numerous challenges, ranging from the accurate quantification of proteins, characterizing kinetic parameters of biomolecular interactions within complex matrices and in different environmental conditions. crucial for understanding physiological processes, to monitoring real-time molecular interactions amidst the diverse array of biomolecules present in complex media.


At Affinite Instruments, our innovative solutions tackle diverse biosensing challenges, empowering researchers to accurately quantify proteins, analyze kinetic parameters of biomolecular interactions within complex matrices, and monitor real-time molecular interactions in various environments. By enabling efficient and effective biosensing, we pave the way for transformative discoveries in healthcare, biotechnology, and beyond.

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Compatible Targets


Real-World Application

Evaluating kinetic parameters 

Evaluating kinetic parameters using SPR, including kon, koff and KD is crucial in biosensing. These parameters offer insights into the strength and specificity of molecular interactions, allowing precise characterization of binding events in real-time. Moreover, SPR-generated data is seamlessly compatible with TraceDrawer, facilitating comprehensive analysis and visualization. Additionally, SPR software often allows effortless data export to other platforms, enhancing flexibility and interoperability in data analysis workflows.


Quantification of proteins

The P4 series streamlines protein quantification and activity monitoring with precision and reproducibility. The automated data analysis tools in our ezControl software facilitates dynamic profiling and accurate quantification of protein activity, enhancing research efficiency and insights saving both time and resources for subsequent experiments.

Analysis in complex media

Affinite Instruments collaborated with researchers and agencies to develop assays informing immune response to SARS-CoV-2 and vaccine development. During this project, scientists validated our SPR against ELISA in complex media such as plasma, serum, and dry blood spots. Notably, a pseudo-neutralization assay was validated to evaluate the humoral response to SARS-CoV-2 in clinical serum samples, greatly advancing our understanding of the virus's immune response and vaccine effectiveness.

Blood Sample

Application Notes

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Application note #6

Screening protein-protein interactions


Application note #5

Rapid quality control of antibodies

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Application note #1

Gene regulation, DNA-protein binding

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