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Compact. Easy. Flexible.

At Affinite, we understand the challenges that scientists face when working with techniques such as ELISA. That’s where our next-generation SPR devices become the solution. With Lensless SPR, you can optimize and validate your surface chemistry preparations in real-time, saving you hours of troubleshooting and enabling faster, more efficient research. Our products stand out for their exceptional quality and performance, boasting a unique, ultra-compact SPR module powered by proprietary Lensless SPR technology.

Embrace the future of biosensing with Affinite – where innovation meets accessibility, and where one instrument opens the door to infinite possibilities. Elevate your research capabilities and stay ahead of the curve with our next generation biosensing instruments.

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P4SPR 2.0

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P4PRO and Affipump

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Product Guide 

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Product Line Features

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