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Bioanalytical Applications and More

Exploring transdisciplinary fields of bioanalysis 


Bioanalytical applications encompass a wide array of challenges and opportunities, from elucidating biomolecular interactions to monitoring cellular responses and investigating disease mechanisms. Accurate quantification and characterization of biomolecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids, and metabolites, are essential for understanding physiological processes and disease pathways. Advancements in bioanalytical techniques offer insights into drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology, aiding in the development of safer and more effective therapeutics.


At Affinite Instruments, our innovative solutions cater to diverse bioanalytical applications, providing researchers with precise tools to explore biological systems and drive scientific discovery. From biomarker identification to cellular signaling studies, our cutting-edge technologies empower researchers to unlock new insights and push the boundaries of bioanalytical research.

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Compatible Targets


Real-World Application

Analysis of biofilms

The P4 lineup offers a precise analysis of adsorption kinetics, aggregation, and stability of thin film coatings for diverse applications, including consumer products and biological processes. P4SPR has been used for unraveling the interaction mechanism of tannic acids with gold surfaces in physiological-like conditions providing thorough insights into the first and second phase adsorption. The consistent correlation between SPR and QCMD results showcases our instrument's reliability, empowering you to optimize thin film coatings with confidence for a wide range of applications.

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