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P4PRO and Affipump

Revolutionizing Analysis with P4PRO and Affipump: The Dynamic Duo Enabling both Static and Flow-based SPR analysis

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Affipump Profile_edited_edited.png

Meet Affipump

A High Accuracy Dual-Syringe Pump

The Affipump stands as the pinnacle of syringe pumps, offering unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and precision for flow-based analysis. Its precise flow rate control ensures smooth liquid flow with minimal pulsation, solidifying its reputation as the ultimate choice for flow-based analysis using our P4PRO device. 

Some unique features include: 

  • Ultra-low pulsation 

  • High speed control

  • Extended flow rate range from 5 nl/s up to 5 ml/s.

  • Can be operated individually or in tandem


Introducing the ultimate tool for precision analysis: P4PRO and Affipump. With its advanced technology, this versatile device offers unparalleled control and flexibility, allowing users to easily switch between static and flow analysis modes with the addition of the Affipump. Its high accuracy dual-syringe pump provides a wide range of flow rate options, while its ability to perform both static and flow-based analysis makes it a powerful tool for a variety of applications. For example, you can condition and prepare your immobilization in static mode and then seamlessly switch to flow for kinetic analysis. Whether you need individual or multi-channel analysis, the P4PRO and Affipump delivers real-time, inline controls and unbeatable performance.


Semi-automated sample delivery option


Minimal sample processing data artifacts


Direct, real-time, inline controls

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Affipump Front.png


Minimal hands-on time


Multi-four channel capability


Runs both static and flow analyses

Affinity Characterization
Specificity screening/ranking
Yes/no binding
Concentration analysis
Multi-step binding interactions
Live binding data
Kinetics characterization


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P4PRO and Affipump Specifications

PRO Profile.png
Affipump Profile_edited_edited.png

P4PRO and Affipump



4.4 kg and 2.5 kg


25 cm x 25 cm x 13.5 cm and 20 cm x 9.5 cm x 27 cm


Hybrid (static and flow)

Number of channels (simultaneous reading)

Static: 4 and Flow: 2 (total 4 channels

Flow rate range

0.3 -10,000 uL/min

Injection volume required

Static: 300 uL Flow: 5-100 uL

1 or 5 Hz

Detection rate

Sample introduction mode


Run time per cycle

 2-15 minutes

Operating temperature


Power requirement

24 V and 12 V


Detection limit

fM (assay dependent)

Association rate (kon) range

10 – 10 M  s





Dissociation rate (koff) range

10 – 10  s




Affinity constant (KD) range

≥ pM

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