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Optimizing bioproduction processes for better outcomes


Biomanufacturing involves optimizing production processes, ensuring product consistency, meeting regulatory standards, and scaling up production volumes. Key aspects such as cell line stability, protein purification, and maintaining product quality throughout manufacturing stages require meticulous attention. Monitoring each step is crucial to identifying issues in production or contamination at individual stages.


At Affinite Instruments, our innovative solutions streamline biomanufacturing workflows by providing precise control and monitoring of critical parameters. Our cutting-edge technologies empower biomanufacturers to overcome hurdles and achieve consistent, high-quality production, thereby driving advancements in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Compatible Targets


Real-World Applications

AAV characterization

Affinite Instruments innovating the gene therapy landscape by integrating SPR technology into the AAV production pipeline. Our company has partnered with NCADD and private companies to develop affordable QC strategies for AAV vectors, enhancing potency determination and impurity analysis. Portable SPR offers real-time, label-free monitoring, reducing costs and improving workflow efficiency compared to traditional methods like PCR and TEM. By democratizing SPR, Affinite Instruments is paving the way for smaller labs to participate in gene therapy research, accelerating progress towards personalized medicine.

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Detecting protein in complex media from bioproduction


Our P4SPR device demonstrates efficacy in real-time protein detection within bioproduction cell culture media, compared with larger SPR devices. It offers practicality and high-quality data akin to larger systems, enabling straightforward characterization of protein interactions. Through immobilizing the Anti-PD-L1 antibody, consistent PD-L1 binding was observed across multiple of our sensors and for days. While the P4SPR operates under static conditions, optimizing assays can mitigate nonspecific interactions. With its modular design and reduced nonspecific binding, it can validate diverse biomolecular interactions, especially in crude samples, advancing biomanufacturing research.

Application Notes

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Application note #10

Monitoring AAV bioproduction with SPR

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Application note #9

Protein detection in cell culture media using P4SPR

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