Surface Plasmon Resonance for rapid testing

The Unique Benefits of Affinité's Innovation


No more complex instrumentation or manipulations. Just a streamlined workflow on injections accessible to beginner and advanced scientists. You are a 15-minute training away to getting real-time biosensing results.

Adaptable at many levels to address standard and innovative applications. Compact for benchtop and portable applications. Flexible microfluidic for cartridge integration. Modular optical design for system integration of biosensing platforms. 

SPR at centralized platform is expensive in time and money for most applications. For less than a year in maintenance cost on large SPR devices, you can have Affinité's SPR solutions at your bench to get rapid answers on your protein interactions or scout optimal SPR conditions for optimal use of centralized lab time. 



Affinité's SPR Instruments

P4SPR Line 

Robust and Flexible, the P4SPR is a proven versatile platform for field testing, undergraduate teaching and benchtop assay development. 

Dual inlet model: Provides triplicate reading with a reference channel for precise measurements. 

Quad inlet model: Four independent channels to accelerate assay optimization or for intermediate throughtput screening of biomolecular interactions.


The new quick SPR platform is cartridge-based for safe handling of clinical samples. 



I come from 7+ years running a clinical research lab. I ran a wide range of clinical tests on biological samples such as ELISA, PCR, electrophoresis but not SPR. However, it did not stop me from being highly proficient in the technique. The P4SPR was just easy to learn despite my lack of direct knowledge. Basically, after a half-a-day training, I was autonomous within a day and very comfortable with data within a week. It took me about a month to perform an analytical validation for a new target and validate it with clinical samples. I believe it was faster to develop our assay compared to ELISA. 

- Sepi, Ph.D., Clinical Assay Development scientist, Startup


"A number of academic research labs in the university have taken advantage of the ultra-portable unit to carry out SPR based binding experiments in their own labs with publishable results."

Kyle Biggar | Director of Functional Proteomics Facility​


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