Surface Plasmon Resonance for rapid testing

Simplify access to surface plasmon resonance 



SPR made easy. Affinité's portable SPR platform requires only 15 minutes of training and takes only minutes to get results. It's an SPR 'Swiss army knife' that all life science and education labs should have.



SPR is now more than just a traditional drug screening equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Affinité's SPR is desgined for a wide range of biosensing applications, as well as for fast and reliable assay development.  



No more long lead time to gain access to complex and high operating cost SPR equipment in centralized labs. Affinité offers affordable and accessible SPR either as an everyday QC tool or as an immunoassay validation service. 


Portable SPR platform for rapid analytical testing


Clinical Projects

Clinical development partnership on Affinité's proprietary SPR platform


Development of clinical assays and performing validations using Affinité's SPR service platform




“A number of academic research labs in the university have taken advantage of the ultra-portable unit to carry out SPR based binding experiments in their own labs with publishable results.”

Kyle Biggar | Director of Functional Proteomics Facility​

Tropical Leaves

Jean-François Masson
Co-founder & CTO

Key opinion leader on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) 
instrumentation and clinical applications. Published over 100 papers, reviews and book chapters on SPR  and related topics. Main inventor on 10+ patents. Named in The Top 40 Under 40 Power List by the Analytical Scientist.

Joelle Pelletier
Co-founder & VP Research

International expert on biodetection and protein engineering with a focus on integrating protein structure determination. Over 100 publications. Previous experience in patent commercialization. Co-director of PROTEO and active in international academic committees.

Ludovic Live
Co-founder & CEO

Plasmonic and advanced materials expert and former assay development scientist with a medical device startup. Helped raise a $20M series B funding. Diverse experience in entrepreneurship including policy advisor for the Ministry of Economic Development in Ontario. Worked on large scale and competitive projects sized over $200M.

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