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How you can calibrate your SPR measurement

We often get questions from Affinité SPR users about the sensitivity of the SPR system they are using. There is actually an easy calibration test one can do to verify your Affinité SPR to ensure the device operates with expected sensitivty range. And here is how.

Using P4SPR portable SPR as an example, the sensitivity of P4SPR can be evaluated by injecting solutions with increasing salt concentrations. The SPR signal induced by a change of refractive index on the SPR sensor chip is directly proportional to the concentration of salt solution injected onto the sensor chip. By plotting the expected refractive index versus the change of SPR signal shift in nm, on will obtain a straightline calibration curve whose slope represents the sensitivity of the system in the unit of RIU/nm. The exact protocol can be downloaded below. Note that in the document the theoretical refractive index change corresponding to different salt concentrations is also given.

Protocol #3 - Calibration Procedure for P4SPR using NaCl Solutions with ezControl
Download PDF • 1.32MB


For new Affinité users, this is also an easy way to familiarize with the Affinité SPR device operation, data acquisition and data processing using our latest ezControl GUI software. Give it a try and let us know what you think at

About Affinité Instruments

Based in Montreal, Canada, Affinité Instruments has made it its mission to democratize SPR to enable all life science researchers to have SPR as a tool for quick binding analysis, bioproduction quality control, biomarker identifiation, assay development and even in-vitro diagnostics. Check out our customer testimonials to see how we have democratized SPR all over the world as an everyday benchtop tool.


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