P4SPR in action.jpg

Portable P4SPR™ 

Key Features


Core Technology​​

The P4SPR uses benchmark Kretschmann configuration. The total internal reflection setup enables detection in complex media such as serum, milk or waste water. 

Flexible Design​​

The chip-based P4SPR requires users to inject various solutions to get real-time data. The three-channel sample port provides high-quality data that can be referenced by the fourth channel. For flow sensitive experiments, the P4SPR can easily be fitted to a pump or put inline with another instrument. See our Spec sheet to learn more.

Rapid Data Processing

The P4SPR Control™ software allows for easy data acquisition and processing of P4SPR data. The intuitive data processing method allows users to get a titration curve or affinity data in a very short amount of time. 

  • Thin film-based SPR

  • Dimensions: 175 x 155 x 55 mm

  • Weight:  < 1.3 kg. 

  • USB powered

  • Microfluidic cell min. volume: 50 uL

  • Sensitivity:  2750 nm/RIU

  • Resolution : 1 micro RIU

  • Dynamic range: 1.33 to 1.39 refractive index unit

  • Coefficient of variation on signal: < 0.6%

  • Polychromatic light source

  • LabVIEW™ control graphical user interface

  • Compatible with Ridgeview’s TraceDrawer™