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Affinité kicks off its first roadshow in Asia

December 27, 2019

Affinité Instruments (Montreal, QC, Canada) has just successfully completed its end-of-year joint roadshow with its Asian distributors: Best Sciences & Technology (Beijing, China), Techu Scientific (Tianjin), and Ing-Jing Precise Industrial (Taipei). The roadshow represented Affinité Instruments’ first organized effort to introduce the benefits of the portable P4SPR™ to life science researchers in Asia. Led by the Affiniteam CEO Dr. Ludovic Live and co-founder Prof. Jean-François Masson, the roadtrip spanned over 5 cities during a two-week period. The Affiniteam was accompanied by sales partners to visit, perform demonstration, and give seminars to various research groups. Highlights from the roadtrip include:

Figure 1: Last-minute demo in a hotel room for and out-of-town researcher in Xi'an


Figure 2: First visit to Taipei 101

Figure 3: Direct comparison of P4SPR™ to a larger SPR system by researchers in an university hospital in Taiwan

Figure 4: Our CEO Dr. Live in a lively discussion with researchers from Beijing University

Figure 5: A seminar by Prof Masson to Tsinghua University organized by Best Sciences & Technology

Figure 6: A visit to the famous Chinese Academy of Science organized by Tech Scientific

Future Direction

Affinité Instruments plans to organize more roadshows in the future to be closer to its sales partners as well as researchers around the world. These activities are vital to Affinité Instruments’ business development strategy to expand sales across the globe as well as develop new SPR applications.

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