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Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in Boston

Boston, here we come (virtually)!

We are excited to announce our participation with the CTA Boston in 2021. CTA Boston is a unique incubator program that offers services to assist small and medium-sized Canadian companies grow in the US. We were one out of eleven Canadian companies selected to join this prestigious opportunity. This will help us introduce the potential of our portable SPR technology to the Boston life science scene and its surrounding areas through participating in workshops hosted by industry experts. They will advise us on the Boston ecosystem, communications and marketing advice, and business development strategies. Ludovic Live, CEO of Affinité Instruments, said: "This is a tremendous opportunity for Affinité Instruments to embark on a series of strategic discussions to better focus on about building our presence in the US market."

About Affinité Instruments 

Affinité Instruments envisions an immunization monitoring system for billions of people enabling us to reopen the global economy. Our unique approach is to link rapid screening and confirmation testing together, and to build an aggregated and anonymized database to be shared with public health agencies and other institutions. In partnership with academia and public health agencies, we are developing a point-of-care platform and a test on dried blood spots that would allow us to streamline screening and testing and deliver a comprehensive annual antibody testing package for less than $50 USD.