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Affinité strengthens its presence in Europe

November 1, 2020

​Affinité Instruments (Affinité) is pleased to announce new distribution partnerships with Anasysta e.K. (Germany) to strengthen its globally market strategy. This will bring Affinité’s flagship product, the P4SPR™, key for biosensing and biomolecular investigation in drug discovery, closer to world-class academic and research institutions in the Europe.

Anasysta is based in Germany and will promote on behalf of Affinité in the continental European market. Anasysta has strong experiences in particle and material analysis by offering innovative analytical instrumentation as well as on-site lab measurement service. The addition of P4SPR™ in their portfolio represents an opportunity to further provide an accessible SPR biomolecular analyzer that is easy-to-use and cost-effective to an existing customer base. By partnering with Anasysta, Affinité Instruments also benefits from an expanded channel into the European market for life science researchers looking for a way to simplify bioassay development and fast molecular testing. Affinité Instruments is committed to provide strong technical support and application know-how in collaboration with Anasysta  in the area of portable SPR analysis and biomolecular testing service.

About Anasysta e.K.
ANASYSTA e.K. is an owner managed company which is specialized in analytical systems for the characterization of cells, particles, emulsions and dispersions for 20 years. Using different optical, acoustic, and potentiometric techniques, particle sizes can be determined, as well as morphologies of particles, cells, bacteria or algae to stabilize and optimize product qualities.

Our customers are from well-known research institutes, companies, and industry in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological sectors, as well as the water, food, renewable energy, and semiconductor industries in Europe. We offer our customers all-around service for the whole lifespan of the installed systems. These systems are both applied in research and quality assurance.

Challenges that we help tackle with our customers include those in research and development, measuring principles development, and quality assurance. Due to the close contact and experience with our customers and manufacturers of our systems, we have become an experienced and reliable partner for high quality and solution-oriented partner to both sides. We have also become experts in the field of particle analysis and can support you with your existing system

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