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Affinité's Portable, 4-channel Surface Plasmon Resonance P4SPR™ has achieved CE marking for laboratory use

January 21, 2021

Exciting news! Affinité Instruments' (Affinité) P4SPR™ portable 4-channel Surface Plasmon Resonance instrument is now officially certified under EU Declaration of Conformity (i.e. CE Marking). This is a significant milestone as a testament that Affinité Instruments is not only an expert in the field of rapid molecular and chemical testing, but also has the engineering competency to bring high industrial quality life science instrumentation to the market. This EU Declaration of Conformity gives researchers around the world a renewed assurance using P4SPR in their everyday laboratory testing and assay development.

Affinité Instruments strives to keep improving its quality management system to assure researchers and users alike to continue receiving safe and reliable products. As a mid-term objective, Affinité Instruments aims to achieve ISO company status to guarantee the quality for its future service and product offering.

About Affinité Instruments

Founded by Professor Masson and Professor Pelletier from the Université de Montréal, Affinité Instruments is a MedTech startup offering innovative biosensing solutions in life sciences based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR). We have successfully developed a portable SPR platform based on the complex and costly SPR instrumentation used in the pharmaceutical industry. Our first product P4SPR™ offers portability and modularity to bridge a gap between the need to simplify the assay development workflow and difficulty in accessing centralized SPR instrumentation. Affinité Instruments' vision is to expand the applications of this reliable SPR technology into the area of point-of-care diagnostics and real-time monitoring in personalized medicine.

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