SPRint with Affinité

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Who is Affinté?

Affinité Instruments is a world-leader in miniaturized label-free sensing solutions for molecular testing in research, clinical testing and bioproduction. We democratize surface plasmon resonance (SPR) by solving its high cost and complexity with our proprietary optical design. This essential bioanalytical technique provides rapid protein binding information by cutting down testing time from hours to minutes. Affinité’s technology is currently integrated into a portable, 4-channel SPR device distributed in North America, Europe and Asia to academic researchers and start-ups. We are expanding our presence in clinical testing of COVID-19 neutralizing antibody, anti-drug antibodies detection, and bio-manufacturing through academic and industrial partnership


Our customers are segmented into two main categories: assay development and biosensing application solutions. The first segment is composed of academic researchers in biochemistry, chemistry and molecular biology focusing on protein interaction investigation and biosensor development. The second segment are either start-ups with complementary technologies to address a market need or clinical partners with a clear solution seeking commercialization partners. Such customers are blood banks, reference clinical labs in hospitals, in-silico proteomic companies, and instrumentation companies.

Seeking Strategic Investment Partnership

We aim to raise a seed round of US$ 3-4M led by a US-based investor with a portfolio in the space of molecular testing.We have demonstrated our solution’s ability to improve clinical outcomes and reduce disability costs. Our next phase of growth will involve replicating this success in partnership with US-based health plans, health systems, and disability carriers.


Democratizing label-free sensing to replace thousands of slower traditional methods and enable new applications in rapid clinical testing.​


$3+ million in funding to develop clinical applications with industry and academic partners.