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Afficoat Surface Chemistry

Lower non-specific adsorption with Afficoat

The Afficoat forms a protective self-assembled monolayer on metallic materials that significantly improves molecular recognition by minimizing non-specific adsorption. The proprietary heteropeptide sequence of Afficoat has proven to be better than other broadly used anti-fouling chemistry such as Dextran, PEG-COOH and alkanethiols. 

Key Benefits Include:​

  • Low biofouling

  • Increase activity of immobilized receptor

  • Two-step overnight preparation

  • Shelf-stable protective film on a surface

  • EDC-NHS chemistry compatibility

  • Compatibility with assays developed for CM Dextran and PEG

Key Literature

  • Bolduc OR et al., SPR Biosensing in Crude Serum Using Ultralow Fouling Mixed Peptide SAM, Analytical Chem 2010, 82, 3699-3706.

  • Bolduc OR et al., Peptide Self-Assembled Monolayers for Label-Free and Unamplified SPR Biosensing in Crude Cell Lysate, Analytical Chem 2009, 81, 6779-6788.

  • Bolduc OR et al., Monolayers of 3-Mercaptopropyl – Amino Acid to Reduce the Non-Specific Adsorption of Serum Proteins on the Surface of Biosensors, Langmuir 2008, 24, 12085-12091

Two-Step Preparation​

  • Immersed your SPR sensor or other surface of interest in 5 mM peptide solution in absolute ethanol for at least 16 hours to form a well-ordered monolayer.

  • Wash, dry with nitrogen and store in a dry place. Stable for at least (six) 6 months.

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